Marketing FAQ (Eng.)

FAQs Concerning Internet Marketing Course

Questions and Answers:

I, Tilo Hildebrandt, answer all your questions personally.

How long does the marketing course last?
The course consists of 11 units sent in intervals from 3 to 4 days, so the first session lasts little longer than a month. After this you will get more units spread over more months. We will remain in contact for a long time.

How often will the course parts be sent via e-mail?
There are at least 17 parts. Over time, the course will be supplemented and expanded to easily 20 or more parts.

Is this really free and without obligations?
Yes, it is really free and without any obligation.

Why is the course for free?
It brings the participants to a higher level of knowledge and thus improves communication. The same simple questions are otherwise repeated again and again. In addition, I have enough income from other sources.

Is Prof. Dr. Tilo Hildebrandt a real person?
Yes, that's me. Who wants to read something about my background, may have a look at this page. I work independently and give lectures to the subject Internet, e-commerce and economics at the European University - you can see it here. Usually I work, with a view of the Eifel mountain range, from a farm between Cologne and Bonn.

Will advertising be displayed in the course?
No, there is no advertising at any point.

What happens to my address?
Your address will be used solely for the course and for any additional information I am providing you with, focusing on internet marketing. The address is not stored on the internet and thus cannot be read unauthorized.

In which languages is the course offered?
The course is offered in German and English.

When do courses start?
The online marketing courses are individually sent to you once you have registered. In this respect they are always starting.

What if I have no Website?
Then you will learn what you need when you create a website.

Is there a printed edition of the marketing course?
You receive the latest version of 3.5 and it is free of charge. The course is not available as a printed book.

Do I need programming knowledge for the marketing course?

Do I have to program HTML to implement the recommendations?
No, but you should know someone who does this for you. Someone has to take care of your website.

Can I pause the delivery of the lections?
No, the course is free of charge because it is distributed virtually automatic, demanding no further work. For the pause someone would have to intervene manually.

Can I get the lessons all at once?
No, see the previous question.

Who will help me in implementing the marketing learned?
I will not do this and none of my employees will either. The intension of the course is not getting any order or job. You should look for a Webmaster in your region to discuss personally all the requirements.

If I have specific questions, can I call someone?
If you have any questions, please send me an e-mail. If your question cannot be answered, I will schedule a date and call you.

I need a personal consultation.
We do this as suggested in the previous question. I will not hold a meeting or workshop within your company. That is not my goal. I occasionally hold lectures at institutes and invite the registered participants to join.

Is there a hotline, which I personally can call?
No, because I cannot answer personally. If I delegate the work to a call centre, the personal connection and, unfortunately, the quality of advice will be lost.

Will e-mails with questions be answered?
Yes, they will all be answered.

Where can I sign up?
Here is a special sign in page.

Is there an advanced course?
You will be getting advanced through the course. There are courses to further marketing tasks, such as advertising with Google Adwords.

Do I need for this course any hardware or software?

Can I copy the course?
No, and I don’t take plagiarism. Anyone can log in and benefit. The course content itself is my intellectual property and I follow up on any such violation.

Is the course taught at universities?
Yes, it is also accompanying my e-business lectures.

Is the course for practitioners at all?
The course is specially designed for practitioners.

Are there any recommendations for the course?
The course is recommended in Europe by centers of competence and consultants. The space is not enough to list them all. As soon as I have enough recommendations in America, I will list them on this website.

I did not receive all parts of the course - what now?
Write me an e-mail and I send you any part(s).